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Mr. M R Bhaarath (M R B) is promoter of Greatlife Insurance Broking & Consultancy Pvt Ltd – A selfmade man, M R B hails from an agricultural family from Dharmapuri District, Tamilnadu.

MRB from Life Insurance Industry - Sales Par-Excellence

M.R.Bhaarath, earlier known as P R Manoharan, three decades back started his career in LIC of India, marketing LIC products. By sheer hard-work and perseverance achieved many milestones which others would not have dreamt at all. In the Life Insurance sales, he was one of the leading persons in the country with over 5000 satisfied clients from all walks of life. He has received a number of Prizes, Laurels, Honours, and Medals for his spectacular performance in the insurance field.

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After successful career in insurance M R Bhaarath promoted NBFC Akhshayaa Finance Bhaarath Ltd in the year 1997 and entered the financial sector.

Akhshayaa Finance Bhaarath Ltd is unique NBFC , that helps the clients to come out of financial crisis. It offers short term bridge loan within 3 days from Rs. 1 crore to Rs. 10 crores against Chennai city properties and against guaranteed source of repayment. It has helped many leading Industrialists / Businessmen and HNI to come out from the financial crisis and save their reputation, asset and business for last two decades. Moreover, Akhshayaa Finance has been paying high dividend for the last 20 years to its investors.

Akhshayaa Finance also organizes long term loans from Banks and Financial Institutions, from Rs 1 Crore to Rs 100 Crores. Akhshayaa Finance will present your loan papers in a more professional manner to suit the bank terms & conditions and gets you the loan based on your requirements at the earliest.

We provide value added service, by motivating the clients to pay the loan EMI on time. When the expected payments get delayed and the clients are unable to pay the EMI, as a result, the loan account will become NPA. This will affect CIBIL rating & Credit worthiness. Akhshayaa Finance provides financial support to repay the EMI on time, and maintain excellent loan repayment track records and keep intact the Client’s goodwill. Today, goodwill only plays major role in growth.

M.R.Bhaarath - The Philanthrophist & Social Worker With A "Heart"

M.R.BHAARATH founder of the "Annai Jayalakshmi Ideal Village Development Trust" in memory of his mother, to carry on several philanthropic, society development activities, with special emphasis on Education, Social Awareness and Empowerment of Women. The trust has already constructed and donated the building for Government Girls Higher Secondary School at Kadathur, Dharmapuri District.

He visited Lord Venkateswara temple at Tirumala Tirupati Devastanam and donated Rs. 10 Lakhs for Free Meal Scheme- i.e, Nithya Annadanam Scheme in 2006.

He has been blessed with a personal Audience with the Nobel Laureate Mother Teresa, who appreciated his Social work.

A strong believer of practicing what he preaches, MR Bhaarath first insurance agent in the entire country to insure his own life for sum of Rs 1 crore in May 2000 and receive the policy from Mr. G N Bajpai, then Chairman of LIC of India.

Based on rich experience in finance and insurance sectors we intend to provide excellent service to our clients which can only be experienced by those who join us as our clients.


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